Italian Venetian Plastering is a top-notch company that offers a wide range of concrete plastering services. Utilising traditional techniques from Italy and modern technology, we provide stunning finishes for residential and commercial properties alike. Only the finest materials and equipment are used, and their team of expert artisans have extensive experience in the industry. With a commitment to delivering exceptional results and outstanding customer satisfaction, Italian Venetian Plastering is the perfect choice for anyone looking to elevate the look of their property.

Italian Plastering's concrete finish, is a powder mixture made of natural lime, hydraulic binders, and marble fillers that will enable you to achieve your textured look. Either applied with one, or two coats depending on the concrete effect you would like to create. Our artisans can incorporate logos or images into your bespoke designs. Concrete finishes come in 4 different grain sizes.

Take a Look at our Concrete Plastering Procedure.

We use the best concrete plastering services for your residence. We implement a unique approach that combines traditional Italian traditions with cutting-edge technology to create beautiful concrete finishes. At Italian, Venetian Plastering takes pride in using only the best materials and cutting-edge technology to give consumers stunning results and unparalleled pleasure. Our trained artists have extensive industry knowledge, making Italian Venetian Plastering the best choice for homeowners wishing to improve the beauty of their homes. Discover our proper concrete plastering procedure:

Bottom Coat Implementation:The initial application of our speciality concrete plaster solution is applied with care. The base for your preferred textured finish is formed by this blend of hydraulic binders, marble fills, and natural lime. The base coat is applied carefully to the surface, to attain an even canvas for the successive coats.

Design and Personalisation: At Italian Venetian Plastering personification and design are important. Our experts can customise concrete plaster for your surface to precisely match your requirements. We have the skills and experience to bring your concept to reality, whether you want a specific concrete impact, brand inclusion, or bespoke pictures.

Texture Layering: The amount of coatings used is determined by the type of concrete look. A single application may be sufficient for a softer finish, while more than 2 coats are required for a more grainy look. Our trained craftsmen add each layer with care and carefully set up the texture.

Four Types of Grain Size: For your concrete finish, Italian Venetian Plastering provides a variety of grain sizes. This enables you to further tailor the texture to your preferences. Select from four different grain sizes, to obtain the ideal appearance for your house.

Complete Touch: Once the appropriate texture is obtained, our artists work meticulously to refine the finish. They guarantee that every inch of the ground is perfectly flat and that the concrete plastering procedure is carried out flawlessly.

Quality Audit: Our service is focused on quality. Before we believe the job is finished, our team does a thorough quality audit to ensure that the concrete plaster application meets our high requirements.

Final Look: Finally, we show you the end product: a beautifully constructed, bespoke concrete plaster finish that completely alters the appearance of your house. Discover the distinct combination of Italian heritage and current technology that distinguishes Italian Venetian Plastering.

Select Us and Let Our Concrete Plastering Skills Shine on Your Residence!

Integrate our skills and dedication to excellence into your next concrete plastering work. Our unrivalled method guarantees that the overall looks of your house are raised to a new degree of refinement and beauty. We are the go-to company for all concrete plastering requirements, with a commitment to producing high-quality products and ensuring client satisfaction.