We offer a vast range of decorative metallic venetian plasters that create stunning metallic patterns & textures. Smooth, Textured, Matt Pearl looks which are all sealed with stain and water repellent protection, making all wall finishes easy to keep clean and a great decorative interior options.

Here at Italian Plastering we can incorporate our metallic paints in any other venetian plaster designs you may have in mind, providing you with a truly bespoke finish.

Our Metallic Venetian Plaster Application Process

At Italian Venetian Plastering, we take pleasure in the craftsmanship of making metallic venetian plasters. Learn how our excellent application of "Metallic  Plaster" blends effortlessly into your concept and enriches your interiors. Check each important element in the process of putting metallic plasters:
Surface Preparation: It is critical to thoroughly prepare the surface before adding metallic plasters. The necessary steps include washing the wall thoroughly to eliminate dust, debris, and any defects. After that, the surface is sanded to ensure that the metallic venetian plaster adheres uniformly and creates a beautiful finish.

Primer Implementation: At Italian Venetian Plastering, priming is an important phase in the procedure. The cleaned-up surface is primed with a superior primer. This primer serves as a cementing intermediary, guaranteeing that the metallic plaster clings to the wall properly. Adhesion is extremely important for the finish's durability.

Base Coat: At Italian Venetian Plastering, the base coat is the fundamental layer that will be put before the metallics are put in place. Classic metallic Venetian plaster is frequently utilized as a bottom layer. This layer adds volume while also contributing to the general smoothness and appearance of the final product.

Metallic Venetian Plaster Application: The change begins here. Accuracy is used by our highly skilled craftspeople of Metallic Venetian Plastering while applying the metallic plaster. There are several styles to choose from, including seamless textured, and matte pearl. The option you select here is determined by the visual impact you want to create. The application procedure itself supports the pattern and textural inventiveness.
Customization: Our Italian Venetian Plastering artisans embrace your specific concepts and designs during the application. The method is adapted to your concept, whether you desire a spectacular main wall, an elaborate theme, or any other creative component. Metallic paints are used to smoothly bring your innovative concepts to reality.

Layering for Depth: Several layers of metallic plaster are frequently placed to produce a 3-D look for classic Metallic Venetian plaster textures and to give volume and intricacy to the result. This layering approach improves the overall visual effect of the finished product, making your walls genuinely stand out.

Sealing and Safety: Once the appropriate metallic plaster finish has been achieved, the surface is coated with a chemical and waterproof coating to get classic Metallic Venetian plaster patterns. This step is critical for preserving the finish's attractiveness over time. It not only increases longevity, but it also makes it easier to maintain as well as durable to typical home stains.

Adaptability and Compatibility: Emphasizes metallic plasters' adaptability and compatibility with Metallic Venetian plaster patterns. This integration enables the seamless blending of styles, resulting in a personalized result that reflects your sense of style.
Preservation and Assistance: Keeping the lustre of metallic plasters is simple. We at Italian Venetian Plastering suggest daily brushing and mopping with a moist cloth can assist in maintaining your walls appearing as good as the day they were installed. The long-term attractiveness of these coatings is ensured by their durability.

Limitless Creativity: It's evident that the adaptability of metallic plasters and their potential to be blended with Venetian plaster patterns offer doors to endless creativity. Metallic Venetian plasters may help you reach your chosen aesthetic, whether you are going for modern, classic, or eclectic decor, providing you with unlimited creative options in interior design.

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