We at Italian Venetian Plastering are proud to have been the first in interior design to incorporate grace and elegance. We consider that every space has a story to tell, and our mission is to ensure that your walls become the expressive messengers of your ideas. Our walls made of textured plaster are canvases that convey artistry, history, and timeless beauty; they are more than just surfaces.

Within the field of interior design, walls are essential in establishing a space's personality. They serve as the setting for life's events, memories, and exchanged experiences. Using textured plaster on walls is a fascinating way to turn these plain surfaces into amazing pieces of art.

The Textured Plaster Walls' Allure

Plaster walls with texture have a special charm that is timeless and unaffected by fashion. Their ability to evoke historical ambience, tactile sensation, and visual intrigue accounts for their enduring appeal. Textured plaster walls can grab and motivate, whether you're a business owner looking to leave a lasting impression on your clients or a homeowner looking to add character to your living spaces.


Exceptional Craftsmen

At Italian Venetian Plastering, we are not just craftsmen; we are artisans who have spent years perfecting our work. We are aware that creating textured plaster walls is a profound artistic journey as much as a technical one. Those who have adopted the artistry that goes into each stroke make up our team of true craftsmen.


Our Creativity 

The blank canvas textured plaster walls offer creativity as one of their alluring features. Every space has a special story to tell, and our artisans take great pride in being able to realize your vision. Our expertise allows us to achieve both sleek and contemporary finishes, as well as a rustic, weathered texture reminiscent of the Italian countryside.


You can achieve an almost infinite variety of textures With textured plaster walls. Our textured plaster walls provide a wide range of options for artistic expression, from delicate patterns that lend a touch of refinement to striking and dramatic designs that serve as the centrepiece of a space.


Italian Venetian Plastering has transformed various interior spaces, leaving an enduring mark in the field where art meets design. Textured plaster walls have been essential in the cutthroat world of business, from the warmth and character they add to residential homes to the welcoming and unforgettable environment they generate in commercial spaces. Galleries in London's art-focused environment have mastered the art of offering a blank canvas so that artworks can take centre stage. Additionally, these textured plaster walls in historical and period buildings blend in perfectly with the pre-existing architectural elements, honouring the space's history while adding a modern touch.


Our Technique of Making Textured Plaster Walls

The process of crafting textured plaster walls is a laborious and creative one, and we at Italian Venetian Plastering steadfastly preserve this legacy:


  • Advisement: Each project starts with an extensive consultation. We listen to your thoughts, tastes, and the atmosphere you want to create. Our path is illuminated by your vision.
  • Setting Up the Surface: The wall's surface must be ready before the texture is applied. This stage is similar to priming a canvas for an artwork; it entails cleaning, fixing flaws, and guaranteeing a level and even base.
  • Texture Application: This is the magical part of the texture application. Our talented artisans painstakingly create the desired pattern or design by applying the texture to the walls. The method and materials employed change depending on the desired texture. Every brush is a brushstroke, and every layer is a brilliant stroke.
  • Completing Details: The final touches are added after the texture has been applied. Depending on the desired aesthetic, this involves sealing, additional layers, or colouring. This is the point at which the artwork starts to come to life.



Why Select Italian Venetian Plastering's Textured Plaster Walls?

The use of textured plaster walls by Italian Venetian Plastering is an option for quality, artistry, and long-lasting beauty. The following explains why our textured plaster walls are the height of style:

  • Depth of Vision: A room gains visual depth and intrigue from textured plaster walls. Every visit to the room is captivating due to the dynamic ambience created by the play of light and shadow on the textured surface.
  • Grasp Feeling: Our textured plaster walls have a tactile quality that draws people in and encourages interaction with the surroundings. One distinctive quality that makes textured plaster walls stand out is sensory interaction.
  • Historical Echoes: Walls with textured plaster frequently have a trace of the past. They lend a touch of classical elegance to modern spaces, evoking memories of opulent interiors and ancient frescoes.
  • Adaptability: Our applications for textured plaster walls are endless. They can be modified to fit a variety of design motifs, ranging from sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional.
  • Sturdiness: Our textured plaster walls are not only beautiful but also very durable. Because of their durability, they are a wise option for both residences and commercial spaces.


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The decision to use textured plaster walls is one of style and creativity, as well as a dedication to creating an atmosphere that is above and beyond the norm. Consult with us for knowledge about the subtleties of textured plaster walls. Italian Venetian Plastering is here to help you every step of the way. We'll listen to your ideas, provide guidance, and customise solutions for your particular project. Your walls will become timeless masterpieces thanks to your vision and our artistic ability.