Italian Venetian Plastering is a company specialising in the application of Marmorino, a traditional Italian plastering technique that has been used for centuries to create stunning and unique finishes. With a team of highly skilled artisans and a commitment to using only the finest materials, Italian Venetian Plastering provides high-quality and durable Marmorino finishes.

Whether you're looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home or a sophisticated and stylish environment in your business, Italian Venetian Plastering has the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. From subtle textures and soft sheens to bold patterns and high gloss finishes, Italian Venetian Plastering offers a wide range of options to suit any design style.

Marmorino transforms into a rock-like substance once dried, making it highly durable. The finished results provide a truly stunning look that is similar to polished marble or limestone and can be applied to create a wide range of satin, matt and glossy effects. Adding coloured pigments, a wide variety of colours can be created achieving both subtle or vibrant tones.

At Italian Plastering our Marmorino plaster can be crafted to your requirements. Our artisans can mix various colours and effects to give you the bespoke finish that you are after. Marmorino plaster can be used in various spaces, such as TV media walls, feature walls, ceilings, reception areas, bathrooms and commercial spaces.

Our Marmorino Plaster Implementation Procedure

Marmorino plaster, a centuries-old Italian process, is installed by us. This centuries-old art style turns normal walls and surfaces into spectacular pieces of art that seem like high-gloss marble or stone. The application of Marmorino plaster entails ten critical phases, each contributing to a distinctive and beautiful ultimate product. Here's a step-by-step summary of the procedure:


  • Surface Preparation: Our group of experts thoroughly cleanses the surface before implementing Marmorino plaster. Surface preparation includes washing, softening, and correcting any flaws. A perfectly prepared surface is essential for a beautiful touch.
  • Primer Implementation: On the cleaned-up surface, a top-notch primer is added. This helps in the stable adhesion of the Marmorino plaster and enables equal plaster absorption, which is vital for attaining the ideal smoothness and quality.
  • Marmorino Mix: Our experts meticulously combine pure lime, marble dust, and water to create Marmorino plaster. This blend is responsible for Marmorino's distinct qualities, particularly its rock-like toughness once dry.
  • Bottom Coat Implementation: The prepared surface is covered with a single layer of Marmorino plaster, known as the bottom coat. This layer serves as the basis for the result and is placed in a thin, uniform layer.
  • Pattern Implementation: At this step, the actual beauty of Marmorino plastering enters into effect. The 2nd layer of plaster, commonly known as the final coat, is applied by our expert artisans. They apply texture, structures, or extra details to create the intended look.
  • Trowel Work: Forming the distinctive designs and patterns linked to Marmorino plaster requires the application of specialist instruments such as trowels. The plaster is expertly manipulated by artisans to obtain the desired aesthetic, whether it's a delicate sheen, a dramatic sequence, or a high-gloss result.
  • Set and Dry Process: It takes time for Marmorino Plaster to set and dry. During this time, the plaster undergoes a chemical transition and hardens to the consistency of rock. One of Marmorino's unique characteristics is its long-lasting nature.
  • Polish and Seal Phase: After the plaster is completely set, it is meticulously polished to bring out its inherent radiance and attractiveness. Based on the outcome you want, our craftsmen use a sealer to maintain and extend the life of the surface.
  • Colour Customization: Colored powders are used to create a variety of colours and hues in Marmorino plaster. This enables the development of both modest and dramatic colour impacts, allowing it to be an adaptable solution for a wide range of design trends.
  • Application in Various Settings: Marmorino plaster is used in various settings, such as feature walls, TV media walls, hallways,  ceilings, and office spaces. Because of its versatility and longevity, it is appropriate for an extensive range of uses.


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