Italian Venetian Plastering is known for its skill in achieving elegance with its state-of-the-art Microcement flooring service. We are committed to providing modern, flawless, and strong flooring solutions that capture the spirit of modern London for the interiors of residences, workplaces, and business environments all around the city.

At Italian Venetian Plastering, we understand that flooring made of micro cement can be creatively utilized. Whether you're envisioning a patterned, attractive artwork or an elegant, monochromatic appearance, our service enables you to realize your design dreams. We are aware that London's diverse architectural landscape necessitates flexibility, and our Microcement flooring blends in perfectly with modern as well as classical design aesthetics.

Our Microcement, which adds modern appeal to time frame elements or accentuates the cutting-edge design of current urban homes alters spaces right in the heart of this London. Microcement flooring by Italian Venetian Plastering offers you the capacity for creativity to your potential.

Microcement Flooring Elegance

The smooth elegance of Microcement flooring is its distinguishing feature. Italian Venetian Plastering is aware of how important visual coherence is for your interior design. Our Microcement gives the impression of an uninterrupted flow because there are no visible grout lines or joints. This improves aesthetics while also giving the impression of a cleaner and more beautiful look, which is a crucial aspect of London's urban environment. Because of the visual continuity provided by our Microcement flooring, even smaller residences look bigger and more elegant for Londoners who live in flats and apartments. The smooth, uninterrupted surface and lack of physical barriers give the impression of more space.

Ultimate 100% Waterproof Solution

Our Microcement Flooring is known for being completely waterproof. The microcement system's layers are all completely waterproof even before sealers are applied. Compared to the industry norm, which frequently uses thin, solvent-based lacquers, our Microcement has this special quality. Even though they are widely used, these lacquers could not provide the same degree of long-term dependability and waterproofing as Microcement. Our Microcement Flooring offers end customers a high level of strength and confidence in addition to waterproofing. This is made possible by our proprietary resin formulas, which are expertly designed to guarantee life and durability.


Microcement Flooring Longevity 

Longevity is a must in a bustling city like London when it comes to flooring. The resilient Microcement Flooring London from Italian Venetian Plastering is highly acclaimed. It is the best option for heavily trafficked residential and business areas because it can tolerate the demands of everyday life and resist consequences, damage, and wear and tear. The strong longevity of our Microcement is especially useful for commercial spaces in London. In the cutthroat world of London business, where drawing in and keeping clients is crucial, having a spotless and appealing interior is a necessity.


Simple Upkeep

Italian Venetian Plastering is cognizant of the value of time considering London's rapid lifestyle. The easy upkeep of our Microcement London is a godsend for people with hectic schedules. The sleek surface requires very little maintenance and is incredibly easy to clean. It's a great option for residences as well as companies because all that's required to keep it spotless is the occasional mop and routine cleaning. 


Fast Installation

The efficient installation of Microcement London flooring by Italian Venetian Plastering is well-known. This is especially helpful when there's no time to spare, like in the case of home or business remodelling. About traditional flooring options, the speedy installation process ensures your space is available for use in a shorter amount of time and minimizes disruption to your daily life. 


Ecologically Conscientious

Microcement is an environmentally friendly option for those who care about the environment. Its application produces very little waste, and its production uses little energy. Furthermore, Microcement frequently works by simply applying it on top of preexisting surfaces, which minimizes the environmental effect and eliminates the requirement for demolition. Our Microcement flooring is in line with London's dedication to eco-friendliness and sustainable living.


Italian Venetian Plastering's Use of Microcement Flooring in London

We at Italian Venetian Plastering are aware of the fact that Microcement flooring is popular in London due to its many uses as well as its adaptability. The following are some significant areas where our Microcement has transformed spaces with its modern allure and had a significant impact:



  • Residential Areas: Our Microcement London flooring is a perfect match for the varied residential architecture of London. Thanks to the experience of Italian Venetian Plastering in Microcement, we can improve the aesthetics of living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms in homes. We offer a cohesive, classy flooring solution that will enhance the modern appeal of your home.
  • Economic Facilities: Our Microcement's durable qualities and low maintenance requirements make it a top option for several London commercial spaces. Restaurants, cafes, stores, and workplaces all benefit from the lovely and welcoming ambience that our Microcement produces. These companies benefit from Italian Venetian Plastering's ability to create a good first impression.
  • Hotels and Hospitality: Elegant yet long-lasting flooring solutions are needed for London's booming tourism sector. Our Microcement flooring has become popular in hotel lobbies, guest rooms, and even spa areas. It provides an opulent and durable alternative that improves the visitor experience.
  • Galleries and Showrooms: Showrooms, galleries, and exhibition spaces in the creative centre of London have come to appreciate the smooth elegance of our Microcement flooring. It acts as a neutral background that highlights the beauty and worth of the products and artwork by letting them take centre stage.
  • Apartments and Lofts in Urban Areas: In London's urban spaces and apartments, where open areas and minimalist design are highly prized, our Microcement flooring is a popular option. It creates an unforgettable impact in modern design and offers a polished, sleek appearance that goes well with loft-style living.
  • Ancient and Period Structures: Our Microcement can be blended in perfectly with existing construction details even in ancient and period buildings. Italian Venetian Plastering respects tradition and modernity by respecting the historical details of these spaces while incorporating new elements.



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Selecting Italian Venetian Plastering's Microcement flooring is more than just a flooring option; it's a declaration of responsibility for the environment in a city that values sustainability. Accepting our Microcement service allows you to take advantage of a resilient and attractive surface while also making a positive impact on the environment. With Microcement flooring from Italian Venetian Plastering, you can transform your area and capture the spirit of modern London. The Microcement flooring service from Italian Venetian Plastering has made a lasting impression on various applications, crafting interiors that respect the individual qualities of each room while capturing the spirit of modern London. We commit to turning your idea into a work of art, one Microcement floor at a time.


Connect with us at Italian Venetian Plastering if you require more data or if you have any additional questions. We are here to help you on your path to stylish, long-lasting interiors.


Microcement Flooring FAQs

  1. How does microcement flooring differ from more conventional flooring options?

A contemporary, seamless, extremely durable flooring option that provides a distinctive fusion of style and utility is microcement flooring. It is a great option for contemporary design because it lacks visible joints, unlike traditional flooring.


  1. Is Microcement appropriate for commercial spaces with heavy traffic?

Indeed. Microcement is widely used in high-traffic areas of commercial buildings, such as offices, cafes, and restaurants because of its strong longevity. It is resilient to the demands of regular use.


  1. How does Microcement Flooring upkeep differ from more conventional flooring materials?

Microcement flooring is renowned for requiring little upkeep. Usually, all that's required to maintain its impeccable appearance is routine sweeping and the occasional mopping. This ease of upkeep is a big benefit, particularly in crowded urban settings.


  1. Is it possible to apply Microcement to old or historical buildings without sacrificing their architectural integrity?

Microcement can respectfully preserve the architectural legacy of historical or period buildings while blending in effortlessly.  It updates the look without diluting the original design of the room.


  1. How does microcement assist in long-term viability and is it environmentally friendly?

Microcement is regarded as an eco-friendly option. Its application produces very little waste, and its production uses little energy. It can also frequently be applied directly over pre-existing surfaces, which minimizes environmental impact and eliminates the requirement for demolition all of which are in line with sustainability objectives.